Rome is a famous tourist destination and offers a lot of attractions and things to see for tourists and locals alike. But, apart from the usual places, there are also unusual places to visit that will give a glimpse of the heart and culture of Rome.

There is a pyramid that is over 2000 years old – go see it!

Yes, you are still in Rome and there is a pyramid in Rome. Today, it is the final resting place of Gaius Cestius who passed away in 12 BC. This is the result of previous Roman emperors wanting to incorporate Egyptian culture into Roman art and lifestyle. The Pyramid of Cestius is not open every day for public viewing but they do open to the public on certain days each month.

Internationally famous modern art museum

The National Museum of the 21st Century Arts is a must-visit in Rome. It houses artwork of locally and internationally known artists. And it is not just the artwork that will lure you in. It is also the very museum itself.

Eat with a local with BonAppetour

Your visit to Rome will never be complete without sampling the different gastronomic delights the city offers. What brings it to another level is to find out the best-kept food secrets with the help of a local. BonAppetour connects you to a local who can show you hole-in-the-wall restaurants that will serve authentic Roman dishes. Looking for vegan food, there are specialised tours available as well.

Every hip city has got a cat museum – Rome’s is also Vegan

Called the Romeow Cat Cafe, enjoy vegan fare while making friends with the furry felines roaming around the cafe.

Street Art in Ostiense

Rome is truly a city filled with art. The culture supports artists and provides artists different avenues to express their creativity. One such place in Rome is Ostiense. In Ostiense, you will find residential and industrial buildings covered with wall art from top to bottom.

St. Paul’s

One of Rome’s best-kept secrets is the Basilica of St. Paul. Unlike other tourist spots, it is not crowded and is it very quiet inside. It is very easy to disregard as it is situated in a very busy part of town. but , once you enter, you will be able to take in the beauty of its interiors and the solemnity of the place. Entrance is free to this place.

Appian Way for a great walk

The Appian Way or the Via Appia Antica is probably the oldest road in Italy. It was built in 312 BC, during the time of Appius Claudius Caecus. Walking down the white stone slabs will make you feel the history of the place. If you follow the road and go down the path, you might find yourself in Brindisi, one of the largest ports on the Eastern coast.

Coppede District

The buildings in the Coppede District are unlike others in the city. This district celebrates and embraces creativity. Walking around the Coppede District will reveal quirky and unpredictable architecture. Not one structure is alike and they do not follow conventional architectural designs.

House of the Owls is an unique piece of architecture to witness

When traveling to different cities, aside from visiting the usual sites, it is best to check with the locals where they usually go. In Rome, locals troop to the House of the Owls or locally known as Casina delle Civette. What makes it so popular is the uniqueness in its architecture and design. It uses different styles from different periods.

Visit the cats at the scene of Julius Caesar’s murder

The Largo di Torre Argentina is rich in history as this is where Julius Caesar was murdered and the wall remains of Pompey’s Theatre can be seen. What makes this an unusual stop is the number of cats that litter the place. If you are an animal lover, you might also want to visit the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary which is nearby.

Bonus: Find relaxation at the Parco degli Acquedotti

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the aqueduct offers some peace and quiet. The best tip: Get a great holiday home & explore the city and get lost, and find some of the hidden gems of Italy’s old capital yourself – be your own Darren Brown.