No matter where you go, most people work hard to secure their future and the future of their family. Some people feel that no matter how hard they work in their homeland, they will never be rich. While it does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to be rich while you live in a developing country or that you will most likely get rich in developed countries, most people seem to believe this is true. And there are those who live in the fast lane and try their luck in casinos or other forms of gambling. But even when you find the best bookies for gamblers  you are probably still better of moving to these countries. 


The general perception of people is that it is easy to be rich in the United States. It is true that there are over 40,000 ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals living in the US, however, one-third of the American population live near or below the poverty line. If you compare the number of rich people (i.e. individuals with > USD 30 million net worth) versus the whole population, there are only has 126 rich people in the US per 1 million people. If you look at the following countries, they have several things in common. And these things make it easy for their citizens and immigrants alike to get rich. 



Voted as the happiest country to live in for 2 consecutive years, Norway has been noted for its generous welfare, healthcare, and social security systems. It has the lowest crime rate in the world and has had the highest Human Development Index (7x) rating in the world. The government is perceived as trustworthy and run with integrity and transparency. Corruption is also very low. The standard of living is quite high in Norway, education is free, and it is considered as the most stable country in the world. There are 484 rich people per 1 million people living in Norway. 



Much like its close neighbor Norway, Sweden has generous welfare, healthcare, educational, and social security systems, as well as one of the highest Human Development Indexes. It ranks 11 in the world in terms of high per capita income. Though its crime rate is higher than its Scandinavian neighbors, it closed down 4 of its prisons due to a drop in the number of inmates. Bribery, theft, burglary, and drug problems are low but assault, sexual and hate crimes are more frequent. Though wealth inequality is high, wage inequality is low. There are 329 rich people per 1 million people in Sweden. 


New Zealand 

Known for its high quality of life, generous healthcare and educational systems, economic freedom, and protected civil liberties, New Zealand is one of the developed countries in the Pacific. It also ranks high on the Human Development Index. Though it suffered from brain drain in the 70s, it has had brain gain from the immigration of educated professionals in recent years. It has been recognized as one of the world’s most stable and well-governed states. New Zealand has 234 rich people per 1 million people. 


No matter how rich or poor the country you live in now is, what makes people get rich easily is finding one’s passion and working hard towards a goal. Combine these with sound financial decisions and you can become rich no matter where you are in the world.