The best part of traveling the world with your loved one is that you always get someone to experience new cultures, new sights, and worldly things. If you’re planning to propose to your significant others while traveling, the gesture itself is monumental. It doubles the experience and makes everything purely unforgettable. 

It’s an absolute declaration of your love and heartfelt invitation to take your relationship to the fully committed level. No matter where you pop the question, you want the day to be special and to go on without a single setback. Destination proposals are all the rage right now, but traveling can present some unexpected difficulties and curveballs. 

Fear not- we’ve sorted out a few tips to help you nail the proposal and create the most memorable vacation you can imagine. 

Pick a Destination You’ll Both Love 

A wedding proposal is one of the most unforgettable moments. You can make it even more memorable by combining your engagement plans with the holiday of a lifetime (also, engagement months are definitely a thing now!). 

Whether you’re returning to a place that means the world to you as a couple or seeking out new adventures, these stunning romantic proposal locations across the world should do the trick…

  • Paris, France 

Unsurprisingly, every survey ever made on the subject points out that Paris is the most popular city on the planet for proposals. For a unique Parisian proposal, bypass busy tourist spots such as the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower and seek out hidden corners of the City of Light instead. 

  • On the Royal Scotsman 

Start your journey to married life aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman, a mahogany and tartan decorated train considered one of the most luxurious ways to travel the world. Steam past castles, forests, and lochs while enjoying a Sky Gold in the lacquered dining room. From the highlands to the west coast and even the islands, there’s an itinerary to please everyone, especially your soon-to-be wife. 

  • Florence, Italy 

Less popular than Paris but equally idyllic, Florence is the perfect spot to propose to an art lover. This Renaissance city hosts works from Michelangelo and Botticelli, to name a few of its big-name, breath-taking draws, while the morning bustling café scene and food markets denote that the modern Tuscan capital is still as lively as it ever was. Make sure you head to the top of Duomo bell tower or book a boat tour down the river with a bottle of wine to nail your proposal. 

Prepare Your Speech and Try To Sound Like Yourself 

If your words are too cliched, rehearsed, or make it seem like they’re coming from someone else’s mouth, you will come off as robotic, or worse, insincere. Memorize all important points you want to make, then follow a loose crip spoken in a natural tone. 

For example, you could begin your proposal speech by telling your significant other how you felt when you two met or you realized you were in love with them. End with the famous four words, and if the answer is the want you wanted, pop out the ring!

Use Placeholder or Take the Ring Abroad 

You should decide whether you want to use a placeholder to propose with or take the engagement ring abroad with you – the idea is to choose one together when you get back. 

A placeholder can be something as simple as a Haribo ring or just a standard cheap ring – either way, the gesture remains the same. However, you should do whatever you’re most comfortable with!

When it comes to actually purchasing the engagement ring, jewelry experts from Baunat advise you to pay attention to the right size. Women’s ring sizes can be quite tricky to work out on your own. 

To make sense of it, you could ask a friend of hers or print out a ring sizing guide and measure one of her other rings against it. If you do get all wrong, fear not! Jewelers are used to this type of thing and are usually happy to resize a ring for you. 

Get Coverage for Your Ring! 

Whether you plan to buy the ring together or you’ve bought it in advance, get Insurance for it as soon as possible…especially if traveling abroad with it. 

You can add the ring to your home contents insurance to travel safely with it, however, that’s only possible if you’re the main person on the insurance policy to minimize the risk of being found out in case you already live together. 

Otherwise, you will need to consider specific Insurance for the rings, which many insurers offer. 

Find a Good Hiding Place for the Ring

A smart move would be to try time-buying the engagement rings a few weeks before your vacation. 

This provides a reasonable buffer time in case of any delays while not being so far in advance that you risk being found out as she accidentally discovered it. And in such instances, make sure you find a suitable hiding place…ideally somewhere she’s unlikely to go. And come up with a smart cover story in case she unearths your secret location. 

Propose Early on in Your Vacation 

The sooner, the better. 

Feeling nervous? 

Of course, you do. 

To avoid sweating too much (or worse, getting found out), it’s smarter to propose early on in the vacation… ideally within the first few days. Even better, the proposal will give you both the entire holiday to celebrate. 

If the unexpected happens and you can’t find the time to pop the question, come up with a Plan B. The point is – cook a Plan B, maybe even a Plan C before the holiday in case the inevitable happens and things don’t go as planned.