The global pandemic has forced most people that have jobs that can be done from home, to work remotely for the first time. Although some countries are opening up and allowing people to return to their offices, many are still stuck in recurring lockdowns, restricted in their movement and therefore still working from home.

This new lifestyle of not having to leave your house for work initially proved refreshing for many. Working in your pajamas and eating your favorite cheese sandwich at your desk without worrying about dress codes or any other annoying office policies.

However having to combine work and personal life under the same roof comes with some serious challenges; especially considering the types of jobs that are suitable for remote work are deskjobs for which proper ergonomic equipment is necessary. Adverse work conditions can be harmful to your general health in the long run and not all employers are evenly generous when it comes to providing (funds) for proper equipment.

The way things are looking, it seems that this new lifestyle based on remote work is here to stay, at least partially. So, should we worry? If we focus on our physical well being, not too much, as long as we have the discipline to make use of the opportunities the situation creates. 

Compared to an office, and assuming you work on a laptop, you have the choice to work from where you want. Which boss allows you to work from your couch, or even better when the weather allows it, your balcony or garden? Although routine is often a good thing, being flexible and changing environments can literally change your perspective and get your creativeness flowing.

When it comes to the people around you, although we wish we could get along with everyone, it’s safe to assume that you feel more comfortable and allow yourself to be you around family members. As long as your kids are able to go to school that is..

But there are challenges as well, do you move enough, and  most important members. We choose where we work- in the living room, outdoors or even in the guest room with our choice of seats, tables and sofa. Also, it offers us the independence to take relaxing breaks, and instead of relying on fast food, we can make a healthy meal in the kitchen together with our loved ones! It’s an opportunity every busy professional should take today.

Still looking for some tips on how you can transform your home into a casual and relaxing environment? Read on and discover a few tips that can work for your home!


A Better and Inspiring Work Area

It all starts by investing in the right set of furniture. The key here is to be comfortable. Although the bed and sofa look appealing, don’t work from your couch or bed. What you can do is to set up a dedicated office. Start with a classic desk, a comfortable chair, and don’t forget to set up an appropriate lighting.

Find a Spot for Relaxation

Yes, you can still transform your home into a relaxing spot even though it serves as a busy workplace too.  When it comes to comfortable and relaxing add-ons to your rooms, you can’t go wrong with bean bag chairs. Available in different colors and styles, these comfy and casual seating options will always deliver a relaxing rest.

You can also blend comfort and style by adding outdoor hanging chairs or bean swing chairs. Perfect for outdoors, these seats let you relax in style just like a sloth. Envied for their laidback and slow-paced lifestyle, these animals can be your peg when relaxing on these cute yet comfortable chairs. They can also remind you that, hey, it’s good to relax and take it slow too.


Don’t Forget to Exercise 

Per doctors’ orders, you’ll need to add exercise and healthy food options into the mix. As part of your lifestyle planning, make sure to get up at least once an hour and avoid working for long hours straight. You can walk around your house, complete some stretches, and some routine exercises. You can also use an exercise app that will remind you to exercise at the right time. Or if you have time, you can join an online fitness class. Getting into fitness can be done remotely, too. Finally, have a meal plan. Make sure to create a grocery list and prepare home cooked meals together with family members.

As always, don’t forget to enjoy the extra time with your family. The pandemic may have radically changed the way we work and live but it provided us with one important ingredient that leads to a relaxed life: time.