When it comes to finding the best online travel deals, Travelocity has earned its place under the sun. But, over time, many similar websites have sprouted and may give Travelocity a run for its money. Check out these alternative sites to Travelocity.


Hotwire.com is an online travel site where you can book an entire holiday package easily. You can book your flight, hotel, rental cars, and tour packages on this site. What makes it a top choice for travelers on a budget is that you can get dirt-cheap prices. Hotwire can do that because they sell travel inventory that were not previously sold. However, you do not get to choose the hotel. You only get the hotel name when your credit card is charged. But if you are not picky about which hotel you stay in, Hotwire should be all right.


You can also book your entire holiday on Priceline. You can place your bid on your travel dates, hotel location preferences, and hotel room preferences and the site will send you a list of choices. Mind, you won’t be given the name of the hotel. But you will get prices up to 60% off. You can also put your preferred budget for car rental and you will get a shortlist of recommendations. Ditto for cruises. So if you are not so high on which hotel you will stay in and are quite flexible on such arrangements, you can get the best deals on Priceline.


Kayak.com has been around for less than 2 decades but it has built for itself a solid reputation. You can also plan your entire holiday on the site. What is great about Kayak is that it is the best site to book your hotel accommodations. Just enter your travel dates and number of pax and you will be given a selection of hotels, according to different categories. They go the extra mile and show you a location map of the hotel so you can see what is around the area, from bars to restaurants, and attractions, including public transport. It also notifies you about flight seat sales or discounts that meets your budget.


Orbitz.com has been around longer than the others being founded in 1999 but it is still one of the best ones out there. Even if you book your flights in other sites, like Kayak or Hipmunk, you will still be directed to book the flight on Orbitz. If you travel frequently, best to book using Orbitz to enjoy their hotel loyalty program rewards program. Another great service Orbitz offers is that there are no fees charged if you change hotel reservations. And if you want to change your flight tickets or hotel reservations, you can do so directly on Orbitz and you don’t need to contact the airline or hotel directly.

In addition to there services, you could also try sites like Coupon.com or Travelocity’s coupons on Dealfly, where you can also get even more discount on your Travelocity deals.