How much do you know about Qatar? Let’s start with the basics. Qatar is a tiny country located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. People from Qatar – known as Qataris – are predominantly Muslim, while Arabic is the country’s official language.

Thanks largely to its vast natural gas resources, Qatar has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats, with its world-renowned healthcare system and low taxes.

To give you a better idea of what Qatar is like, here are 5 things you might not know about the tiny Arabic country:

  1. Qatar is flat…

Qatar is the third flattest country in the entire world after Singapore and the Maldives, with the average elevation being just 28 meters above sea level. In fact, Qatar is so flat that the highest points in the entire country are Doha’s dazzling skyscrapers!

  1. … and rich

Qatar has the highest average per capita income in the world, at a whopping US$ 131,890, beating out Luxembourg and Macau. Qatar has used this wealth to invest in infrastructure and develop one of the world’s best healthcare systems. It’s also spending billions on nine brand-new stadiums for the 2022 Men’s Football World Cup.

  1. There are practically no natural disasters

It might not be something you think about when moving abroad, but you’ll be pleased to hear that Qatar is hit by surprisingly few natural disasters. In fact, if you’re looking to avoid floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and more, Qatar is considered the safest country in the world!

  1. Most Qataris live in the city

A staggering 99% of Qataris live in the country’s glamorous capital, Doha. The city is also home to the vast majority of expats moving to Qatar, offering the most choice in everything from international schools to world-class restaurants.

  1. Put down those forks and spoons

When eating many traditional dishes, Qataris don’t use forks or spoons. Instead, they use bread to scoop it up. Utensils aren’t the only things you’re unlikely to see on a Qatari dinner table! As a Muslim country, pork and alcohol aren’t consumed, although you can buy alcohol at some restaurants.

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