Barcelona is home to delicious food and rich culture and heritage so there are obviously lots of things to do and see in Barcelona. But it can set you back a bit as entry fees and food bills accumulate. So here is a list of things to do and see without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the sun at the beach

Speak of Spain and images of stunning beaches are not far behind. Barcelona is no exception. It is home to the Barceloneta, the most popular beach in the city. You can enjoy the smell of the fresh sea air while resting your tired feet or stay at one of the restaurants along the promenade.

The cradle of Independentisme – visit where it started

When in Barcelona, a must-see is the Born Centre Cultural. This former market building has been converted and houses remnants of the fire that razed the city during the reign of Philip V. This sparked the desire for separation in the hearts of the Catalans and this place reminds them of that desire.

Don’t forget to drop by a festival

What’s great about festivals are the free concerts, free street performances, street dancing, and fireworks. There is usually a week-long festival during summer and autumn.

Mercat de la Boqueria is the coolest indoor market

Mercat de la Boqueria is a very popular indoor market hall where you can feast your eyes on color food and beverages on display. You might be lucky and sample some of the products sold there for free. You will see an array for traditional food and snacks in Barcelona.

La Rambla is famous for a reason

La Rambla is a popular tourist place that depicts real Barcelona culture. The 1-kilometer walkway is filled with historical buildings that you can feast your eyes on. And the best time to stroll there? Early morning. Definitely.

Free museums on Sundays

City-run museums offer free entrance on certain days of the week, within a specific time period. All you have to do is check websites to know the schedule.

Joan Miro’s public art is for everyone to see around the city

Joan Miro was a son of Barcelona and a very talented artist. The Fundacio Joan Miro entry fee may be steep but worth it. But Miro’s works are scattered in the city and can be freely viewed by everyone.

Admire Modernisme architecture

Barcelona is a treasure trove of artful buildings and architecture. Arguably, Barcelona is home to some of the best modernisme architecture. Though there usually is a fee to enter and gawk at beautiful building interiors, there are enough samples just by appreciating the exterior or facade of buildings. This is thanks to the works of Antoni Gaudi whose works are scattered all over the city and the country.