Below are Top 10 Holiday Destinations that you really must undertake at least once in your lifetime!

Seiser Alm

Seiser Alm is one of the top honeymoon destinations these days and is located in the Dolomite mountain range in the Italian Alps. This place is covered in snow during the winter months and the beauty gets surreal when you visit this place in summer. The large untouched meadows, beautiful flowers and gorgeous views of the area will definitely make your dream come true. You can go for long walks, drink local wine and watch the beautiful sunset together. Hiking and skiing are certain activities that this place is famous for.


If you book holiday packages to Iceland then you should be ready for the best thrilling experience of your life. Iceland is located just below Arctic Circle and this island is one of the best natural wonders that you can see. Iceland is home to Active Volcanoes and largest Glaciers found in Europe. It’s home to natural hot springs and geothermal pools where you can take a dip even if the weather outside is freezing. A holiday here with your loved one will be extra special as there are lots of activities that you can indulge into namely surfing, hiking, diving, rafting, jeep safaris etc. Iceland is home to 24-hour sunlight during summer months and Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights during the Winter Months when the sky is dark for 24 hours. With so many unusual experiences on offer, this place is for sure one of the best offbeat honeymoon destinations for lovers.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a beautiful place for a honeymoon. This place is located in Italy and is home to five villages which are connected through narrow hiking tracks. Cinque Terre overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and will be quite an unforgettable journey.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

This place looks like a postcard picture. Lake Tekapo is the top honeymoon destinations for couples today. Star gazing is a popular activity here on clear nights. The turquoise water and walking tracks will welcome you warmly to this place.

Guangzhou, China

The port city of China is well known for its avant-garde architecture. The beautiful city with its booming commercial center is a testament to the progress of the country.

Casablanca, Morocco

Do you remember the old Hollywood Classic Casablanca? If you do then you would immediately have a romantic vibe if you see this place for yourself. This is a perfect holiday destination for couples across the globe with a perfect mix of the Arab and Mediterranean culture.

French Riviera

You will definitely fall in love with this place when you make a visit! Romantic holiday packages to French Riviera in France will make your knees go weak. This place is host to popular Hollywood activities like Cannes Film Festival and Formula One Grand Prix. You can go for a walk in the lavender fields, visit a popular vineyard, and eat breakfast on the beach and much more.


Corsica is a tiny island situated between Italy and France. This place is surely going to surprise you with its beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and charming hilltop villages. Corsica is a place that you will cherish for life. Corsica can be visited year round and was the backdrop to the popular Bollywood movie Tamasha starring Ranbir and Deepika.


Bruges has recently become popular due to a popular Bollywood movie. This place was a backdrop for Aamir Khan’s PK. This is a small town in Belgium and will charm you with its fairytale look. The cobbled streets, beautiful churches, the canal is sure to send you back to the medieval times. The city’s beautiful architecture and well-preserved medieval heritage inspire many artistic souls. Offbeat honeymoon destinations are for that two soul who prefers to take each day as a surprise.

Amalfi Coast

If you have wine, beach, and sun on your mind then it is Amalfi for you. It is one of the Top 10 Holiday Destinations that guarantee stunning coastline, pastel buildings, hillside, Mediterranean food, and pristine beaches.