England is the go-to-place for many Europeans and Americans alike. For Americans Britain represents the ‘old world’, and many Americans have roots there. It’s also rather familiar through pop culture, so no need for too much of a culture shock + they speak English, albeit with an accent. For Europeans Britain represents something quite different. Americans might think Britain is part of Europe, but for Europeans and English people Britain is an island quite alone to itself, culturally.

But the best thing about England? It’s cozy as hell – Americans and Europeans will surely agree about that.

We have gathered the best cities to visit in England, and have zoomed in on places that are great for everyone, and cozy of course.


Europeans and Americans can move over, because now also the Asians have discovered Yorkshire. It’s a huge touristic hot spot now (40 Million visitors a year), but the city is still rather authentic. The building and architecture is old and beautiful, and there are dozens of archeological sites. Next to that, Yorkshire has a lot of Michelin-star restaurants.


It does not get more cuter and cozier than the cities and villages in Cotswolds. It’s almost hobbit like, with beautiful hills & nature. And especially the little villages with cute houses are a treat.


Devon is something quite special. You get the beautiful British country side, but also something you won’t expect: palm trees, beaches and great surf spots. There is great food there, and most of it you can eat straight on the farms. Some of the beaches are spectacular.

For more great English spots you should check out what the Telegraph has to say about it. With hotel recommendations and all.