Excursiopedia Team

  • Kirill Sermyagin, CEO & Co-Founder

    Kirill drives the company vision, strategy and growth. His vision is to revolutionise the industry by changing the way that people travel. A passionate traveller himself, he wants to improve the experience of travelling for as many people as possible experience all the details of Excursiopedia for himself – so you can meet him on our tours!

    Before Excursiopedia, Kirill ran an international travel agency in Munich. He holds a diploma in Economics from the Moscow State University, and is always happy to help friends experience the best trips possible or give business advice.

    Kirill is inspired by experiences like the Las Vegas wind dancer tour or whale watching in Iceland, but would be honoured to someday experience a tour of the international space station through the site!

  • Konstantin Klimov, CPO 

    Konstantin defines the Excursiopedia experience. He is dedicated to creating an inspiring and intuitive user experience through sharp design, and is responsible for creating the strategies that make this happen. Konstantin values technology that makes life simpler through smart design, and works to make our website match this philosophy.

    Prior to his work at Excursiopedia, Konstantin ran the web design studio ‘Intellect Design’ in Moscow, designing fantastic web products, and also founded the community and technology websites Mopoto.com and Videonow.ru. An alumnus of the Moscow State University, he earned a degree in Physics, and is accordingly a big fan of robots!

    As a passionate technology fan and a lover of the sea, Konstantin is very excited by the underwater scooter experience. Konstantin dreams of one day being able to offer a tour guided by robots!

  • Nikolay Slabukha, CTO 

    Nikolay is Excursiopedia’s technical architect. His efficiency helps us to choose and implement the most important features in the fastest way. He leads our IT team in creating a solid and secure social marketplace which allows us to process millions of connections between providers and travellers.

    Nikolay has worked as a developer since he was at school and started his own Web Agency when he was at University. Since then, he and his team have developed numerous web systems for different industries with great success. Despite this extra work, he also graduated in Moscow Aviation Institute.

    Nikolay’s inspiration comes from bike riding, and so he particularly loves our wide selection of bike and Segway tours, like Fisherman's Wharf & Waterfront Segway Tour San Francisco or Li River Cruise and Yangshuo Countryside Cycling Private Tour.  As a real IT man, he’s still waiting to be able to list a tour through the Apple headquarters or a workshop led by Bill Gates!