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Arriving on holiday and setting out to explore the city by yourself might sound fun, but in doing so you can miss out on the best experiences that the place has to offer. A lot of the most exciting activities need to be pre-booked and it is often impossible to get tickets on location, and the last thing you want is to realise that you can’t do any of the things you had planned!

We understand that here at Excursiopedia, so we’ve created the best collection of tours, activities and experiences from all over the world into one place for you – the advantages of booking with us are endless!

Discovering the Vatican City
With Excursiopedia

Book your fast lane ticket, avoid queues or crowds and discover the secrets of the Vatican from your local private guide.

On site

Spend hours queuing, only to get limited, pre-recorded information from an audioguide.

Arriving in London
With Excursiopedia

Meet your personal driver at the airport and travel directly to your hotel in comfort.

On site

Queue for a taxi with all your luggage, or try to navigate the London underground while hauling all your bags behind you.

Visiting Munich
With Excursiopedia

Book a helicopter tour and see the city from a different perspective – enjoy a special sightseeing tour that you’ll remember forever!

On site

Follow a standard walking route from a city guide book with all the same unimaginative customary tips.

Explore China
With Excursiopedia

Arrange your private guided tour and explore this extraordinary country safely and in comfort!

On site

Arrive at the airport… and realise that there is no information about transport, sightseeing or anything else in your language!

Get all the details from your local guide

Booking flights or hotels is simple – you just choose right departure time and price and book it. However, booking guided tours and activities can look much more complicated and require many more question to be clarified and answered – what attractions are included on your sightseeing tour? What should you wear for your outdoors activity? Can you and your friends be collected from different hotels for your day trip out of the city?  All these issues can be easily solved with Excursiopedia!

Connect directly to provider

Who can answer these questions better than your guide themselves? That’s why Excursiopedia lets you contact your guide directly with any queries, big or small. There are two options:

  • Contact your guide before booking to check all the details and make sure that the tour offers everything you need
  • Book your tour to secure the time and date, and then check the details with your guide afterwards

Create your own tailor-made adventure

With Excursiopedia you can create a tour that is absolutely tailor-made for you! Just contact your guide through our messaging system and they will create a unique offer just for you with an individual invoice. You can still pay for your tailor-made adventure online, with all the security of secured payment and a money-back warrantee.

All of these features and more are easy to find and use on! Creating your own amazing, unique adventure has never been easier!

Advantages of choosing Excursiopedia

  • Experience like a local – no matter where you are in the world!
    Excursiopedia offers you a truly unique collection of tours and activities from not just local guides but also from passionate professionals - local cooks, professional photographers and even experienced pilots – whatever interests you, with more than 6500 offers in 900 destinations worldwide, you can find it at Excursiopedia.
  • Find your perfect tour – even if it’s not available anywhere else!
    Looking for a specific tour or activity but can’t find it online? Just contact a provider through our messaging system – because all our tours can be personalised, you will probably be able to arrange exactly what you’re looking for!
  • Find the most cost-effective way of booking!
    If you’re travelling as part of a large group, it can actually be cheaper to book a private tour than multiple tickets for group sightseeing tours. Check out our private tours for a more personal experience and a cheaper price overall.
  • Read real reviews from other customers
    We encourage our customers to review the tours they have taken with Excursiopedia – what could be better than reading real feedback from people just like you?
  • Safe and secure payment process
    The world can be very unpredictable, and you never know what’s around the corner – thankfully, one thing we can guarantee is that if the provider cancels your tour for any reason, we can give you a full 100% refund.
  • Fast response 
    We understand that time is your greatest resource, so we’re dedicated to offering you the fastest and most reliable service possible. However, we’re proud to say that guides normally respond just within 24 hours!
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