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How does it work?

  • List your offers
    If you offer activities or things to do in any city, you can list it by following just a few easy steps! From sightseeing tours to hot air balloon rides, museum trips to culinary courses, photography workshops to white water rafting – the list is endless!
    You control all the details of your listings – price options, what is and isn’t included, cancellation polices and availability. Our friendly and helpful staff will even assist you with uploading photos and translating your offers to reach international customers.
  • Connect with customers
    Travellers from all over the world can ask you the questions about your offers. Answer them directly through our on-site messaging system.
    You can also arrange totally individual, tailor-made tours with customers and issue an invoice through Excursiopedia messaging system.
  • Confirm bookings
    As soon as somebody books one of your offers, you will receive a notification from Excursiopedia – just confirm the bookings in your Excursiopedia profile!
    It’s easy to connect with your guests  to confirm all the details through our on-site messaging system
  • Welcome your guests
    Meet your customers and give them a great experience! The better the service, the better reviews you will receive and the more bookings you will get as a result.
    Go the extra mile! Including small extras like a local souvenir to take home will help make your tour a memorable experience for the customer.
  • Receive your payment
    We will transfer your payment to your PayPal or bank account after the tour is completed.
    Excursiopedia takes care of the transaction, so your payment is safe and secure even in case client will no show

How much does it cost?

  • Listing is absolutely free
  • We take a low 15% commission on successful bookings only

Advantages of listing your tours with Excursiopedia

There are countless reasons to list your offers on – here are just a few of them:

  • Earn money while you sleep!
    Receive requests and bookings from all over the world – your customers will make reservations even while you’re sleeping.
  • Speak with your customer in his native language
    Publish your tours on different languages to make it available for travellers all over the world.
  • YOU specify all the conditions
    With Excursiopedia, you can specify all the conditions and details of your offers – prices, descriptions, packages, cancellation policies and many other details.
  • Free publishing and translation services
    Don’t have the time or experience to publish your offers yourself? We can provide a professional content management service and publish your offers for you! We can also translate your offers into several different languages for you, to make sure you reach the biggest market possible.
  • Connect with customers directly
    Respond directly to your customers and avoid any confusion with Excursiopedia’s direct on-site messaging system. Who can provide better information about your tours than you?
  • Multilingual support
    Our international team can provide you and your customers with multilingual support if you need it.
  • Safe bookings
    Feel secure about your bookings! We take care of customer payments, so you’re guaranteed to receive your payment even if the customer doesn’t show – this is even true for tailor-made offers.
  • Free customer support
    If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, our customer service team are always on hand to provide professional support and advice. Just contact customer support by using the free form on our website, or by calling us.+49 (89) 856 36 141
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