Affiliate program

Have a popular blog, website or Facebook group?
Want to share an amazing way of travelling and discovering the world with your visitors and friends?
Want to earn money by offering a unique, new and high-demand product?

Then the Excursiopedia affiliate program is perfect for you.

Who can be our affiliate partner?

Any person or company can be our affiliate partner! You only have to register once to be automatically set up for both the provider and customer affiliate partner programs.

Who is it great for?

  • Travel agencies
  • Blogs and forums
  • Local websites
  • Local travel offices
  • Travel guide associations
  • Private guides
  • Newsletter authors
  • Freelancers or the self-employed

How does it work?

When you register you are assigned a unique Affiliate Partner ID number. This ensures that you will always get rewarded for the providers and customers who are directed to via links and ads on your website.

If somebody registers as a provider through your affiliate partner link, you will automatically receive commission as Provider Affiliate Partner for all the bookings this provider receives through within 24 months after provider registration date.

If somebody books an experience or tour through after following your Affiliate Partner link, you will automatically receive the commission as a Customer Affiliate Partner.

Please see the commission details further below!

We offer three partnership opportunities:

Affiliate partner program ads

There are plenty of choices with this option – you can link to our website with a direct link or a colourful banner ad, or even better our search box ad. Don’t forget – is available in several different languages, so our ads can be multilingual too!

You can find all these advertising materials on your profile page in "Affiliate Program" section.

Deep links integration

We also offer the use of deep link integration to increase the conversion rate and improve the quality of your content. It’s simple to use – just add “?a=AffiliateID” to any landing page!

XML integration

You can also use our XML solutions for Customer Affiliate Partners to better fit your needs – this helps you manage the appearance to target your visitors more specifically, which means that you get more results from the Excursiopedia affiliate program.

Your commission

We offer two options:

Provider Affiliate Partner Commission

We offer up to 20% of the commission that receives from every successful booking made by your affiliate providers. You will receive this commission of every booking made for 24 months after the date of the provider’s registration.

Customer Affiliate Partner Commission

As a customer affiliate partner, you will receive a commission from every booking made through your affiliate partner link. For customer affiliate partners we offer commission rates as described in the table below:

Amount of monthly qualified bookingsCustomer Affilate Partner fee as % from the fee
0 – 50 25%
51 – 150 30%
151 – 500 35%
501 and more 40%

How do I receive my earnings?

You receive your commission at the end of every calendar month if your earnings are 100 Euros or more. We transfer your money via IBAN, Swift/BIC and account holder name or Paypal account, but just contact us if you’d prefer to receive it in another way.
You can check how much you’ve earned on your account, and even use labels to check which ads are creating the most revenue.

That’s it!

It’s free of charge, simple to register and easy to use! If you are interested in being our affiliate partner, please register via this link. As soon as your registration is complete, you can visit your own Excursiopedia profile and start earning money!
If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at

Additional Information

Affiliate Partner ID

The first thing to do once you’ve registered is to check your Affiliate Partner ID. Just go to and look for “user###” in the HTML code boxes – this is your Affiliate ID. With this you can create a basic affiliate link in the format that you can use immediately.

Alternatively, we can get you started by creating this link for you! Just email us at

Then get started! You can send the link to all of your customers, colleagues, friends and anyone else who might be interested in

Affiliate Partner Program ID tracking period

We know that some of the experience providers register in our system after their second or third visit. Some of the customers also make bookings during their second or third visit to We use a 30 day period to store your affiliate link on the customer’s or provider’s browser, beginning on the date of their first visit.  But be careful, if the customer books or the Experience Provider registers on through another Affiliate Partner Link after their first visit with your Affiliate Partner Link, it will not be counted to your Affiliate Account. Therefore, be active – motivate customers to book experiences and providers to register on through your Affiliate Partner Link after the first visit.

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