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Montevideo is the beautiful and historic capital of Uruguay; as such there are many tours in Montevideo to choose from. Many of the tours in Montevideo centre on the historic centre that is 'Ciudad Vieja (old city), apart from the numerous sites scattered around here, the atmosphere and architecture here are charming and elegant. There are many sites to see nearby, many of the tours in Montevideo will take you to the Plaza Independencia, one of the main squares and public places in the city and home to the famous Palacio Salvo. Along the ciudad vieja are several other public squares, home to important sites such as the Gaucho museum and the Palacio Municipal. The avenue leads to the Obelisk of Montevideo, a historically important monument to the constitution of Uruguay. The city also has a coastline, and it is extremely popular to walk along the Rambla, which is a coastal avenue, or to visit the fort that overlooks the bay. There is a beach on the river Plate, a beautiful sandy beach upon which to simply relax.