About the city

Interesting in Christchurch

Located in New Zealand, the city of Christchurch is truly a place of beauty. With a view of the Alps behind a city full of beautiful parks, botanical gardens and plentiful trees, anyone who tours Christchurch will not be disappointed in the view. While strolling through the pleasant city, one can also enjoy the vast architectural beauty of this artistic city. There are also various art museums and galleries to visit. Not limited to paintings, Christchurch also offers numerous theatrical and musical events including orchestra and opera. Throughout the year, anyone who tours Christchurch may also be able to enjoy one of the many festivals held in Christchurch. From Kidsfest, Carnival Week, and different festivals centering around the arts and sporting events, there is always something going on. For those looking for a more romantic event, Christchurch also is home to The Festival of Romance which is a 10 day long event running up to Valentine's Day. This is sure to kindle some love for those couples looking for a good time.