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About the city

Interesting in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful and diverse town. Whilst famous for its red light district and open minded approach to drug taking, it is also a beautiful place which is bountiful with culture. 

Tours in Amsterdam should at least cover the major attraction sites like walking along the Canal Ring for peace and tranquility. Visit one of the longest museums in Europe, Rijksmuseum, which houses a vast historical collections. Tours in Amsterdam should also take you through the charming passageway to the peaceful gardens called, Begijnhof. You will discover the old public gallery with art works that portray the Dutch culture and its growth.

Your tour in Amsterdam should not end before you see Anne Frank house with a rich history about the author Ann Frank during the Second World War. Amsterdam also has exclusive trendy restaurants in the city that serve exotic and world class cuisines where you can dine and imbibe. The historic Magere Brug Bridge is another sight worth checking out, it is a historical bridge that challenges modern technology, the bridge opens to let ships to cross and then fold back in position. 

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